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The Covid 19 Crisis Management Operations Centre (CCMC) has set daily oxygen quotas for the Kathmandu Valley and The Kavreka Covid Hospital and Isolation Centre. According to the quota, which came into force wednesday, 8 oxygen industries in the valley will have to supply 7,000 473 large cylinders of oxygen for 111 hospitals and isolation centers.

Based on the demand received from the CcMC from hospitals and isolation centres, those industries have been designated a daily minimum quota and the ccmc’s secretariat has indicated that the amount of oxygen should be supplied anyway. The CCMC’s circular says industries should be provided with oxygen according to the quota set by the centre and to inform the centre immediately that there are conditions where they cannot. Hospitals and isolation centers have been made available daily – from a minimum of 10 to 300 cylinders – according to a quota set by the CCMC.

SN Name of the COVID hospital and isolation centerde. Qty. Minimum Oxygen Cylinder (Big size) to be supplied Daily Oxygen Supplier Company
1 Sumeru City Hospital, Pulchowk, Lalitpur 25 Hamro Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
2 Manmohan Cardio Therapy vascular and Transplan center 50 Hamro Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
3 Kantipur Dental College Teaching Hospital and Research Center, Basundhara, Kathmandu 50 Hamro Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
4 Peoples Dental colleges and General hospital 50 Hamro oxygen pvt.ltd
5 B.P. Smriti Samudahik Sahakari Hospital, Basundhara, Kathmandu 30 Hamro oxygen. Kakani
6 Bhaktapur International Hospital, Bhaktapur 10 Hamro oxygen. Kakani
7 APF hospital, Balambu 300 Hamro oxygen. Kakani
8 Alka Hospital (P) Ltd, Jawalkhel, Lalitpur 100 Himal Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
9 Suresh Wagle Cancer Center, Maharajgung, Kathmandu 30 Himal Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
10 Stupa Community Hospital , Boudha, Kathmandu 30 Himal Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
11 National Institute of Neurogical and Allied Sciences, Bansbhari, Kathmandu 35 Himal Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
12 Buddhamai Center Hospital, Teku 10 Himal Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
13 Aarogya MultispecialityHospital Pvt. Ltd, Thimi, Bhaktapur 10 Himal Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
14 Primary Thankot Hospital, Thankot, Kathmandu 10 Himal Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
15 All Nepal Hospital Pvt. Ltd, Samakhusi, Kathmandu 10 Himal Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
16 Rajdhani Hospital Pvt . Ltd, Kuleshwor, Kathmandu 10 Himal Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
17 CIWEC Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Kapurdhara Marg, Kathmandu 15 Himal Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
18 Ayurveda Campus & Teaching Hospital, Kritipur, Kathmandu 50 Himal Oxygen, Balaju
19 Kathmandu Model hospital Pvt. Ltd, Bagbazar, Kathmandu 50 Himal Oxygen, Balaju
20 Mega Hospital Pvt. Ltd, Sanepa, Lalitpur 60 Kantipur oxygen, Harisiddhi
21 Sumeru Hospital Pvt. Ltd., Dhapakhel Kathmandu 100 Kantipur oxygen, Harisiddhi
22 Dahachowk Hospital, Dahachowk, Kathmandu 30 Kantipur oxygen, Harisiddhi
23 Annapurna Neurological Institute & Allied Sciences, Maitighar Kathmandu 35 Kantipur oxygen, Harisiddhi
24 Om Hospital and Research center Pvt. Ltd.,Chabahil, Kathmandu 75 Kantipur Oxygen, Harisiddhi
25 Civil Services Hospital, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu 150 Kantipur Oxygen, Harisiddhi
26 Kathamndu Neuro Hospital 30 Kantipur Oxygen, Harisiddhi
27 Dirghayu Guru Hospital & Research Center Pvt. Ltd., Mitrapark. Kathmandu 30 Kantipur Oxygen, Harisiddhi
28 Nepal National Hospital, Kalanki, Kathmandu 30 Kantipur oxygen, Harisiddhi
29 Ganeshman Singh Memorial Hospital & Research Center, Mahalaxmisthan, Lalitpur 50 Kantipur oxygen, Harisiddhi
30 Mulpani Nagar Hospital, Kageshwori, Kathmandu 18 Kantipur Oxygen,Harisiddhi
31 Blue Cross Hospital, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu 50 Kantipur Oxygen,Harisiddhi
32 Kantipur Hospital, Tinkune, Kathmandu 50 Kantipur Oxygen,Harisiddhi
33 Changunarayan Municipality Hospital, Changunarayan, Bhaktapur 10 Kantipur Oxygen,Harisiddhi
34 Suryabinayak Isolation, Suryabinayek 10 Kantipur Oxygen,Harisiddhi
35 Siddhi Memorial Women and Children Hospital, Bhimsensthan, Bhaktapur 20 Kantipur Oxygen,Harisiddhi
36 Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital, Dudhpati, Bhaktapur 50 Kantipur Oxygen,Harisiddhi
37 Kanti Children Hospital 100 Kantipur Oxygen,Harisiddhi
38 Nidan Hospital Ltd. Pulchowk, Lalitpur 40 Kantipur Oxygen,Harisiddhi
39 Bir Hospital, Mahaboudha, Kathmandu 200 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
40 Yeti hospital Pvt.Ltd, Sitapaila Kathmandu 20 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
41 T. U. Teaching Hospital, Maharajgunj Rd, Kathmandu 300 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
42 Nepal Korea Friendship Municipality Hospital, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur 20 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
43 Motherland Hospital Pvt. Ltd, Pepsicola, Kathmandu 25 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
44 DHULIKHEL HOSPITAL KATHMANDU UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, Dhulikhel, kavrepalanchok 300 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
45 Shree Birendra Hospital, Chhauni, Kathmandu 150 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
46 Jana Maitri Hospital Pvt. Ltd, Balaju, Kathmandu 75 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
47 Nagrik Hospital, Thimi 30 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
48 Sher memorial Hospital, Banepa 10 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
49 Ewamura Hospital, Bhaktpur 10 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
50 Chhetrapati Free Hospital 10 Nawajyoti Oxygen, Banepa
51 Sahid Dharmabhakta Organ Transplant Centre 50 Sagarmatha Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
52 Vinayak hospital 20 Sagarmatha Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
53 Himal Hospital 20 Sagarmatha Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
54 Bhaktapur Hospital 50 Sagarmatha Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
55 Chirayau hospital 40 Sagarmatha Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
56 Patan Hospital 300 Sagarmatha Oxygen, Patan
57 Grandy International hospital 150 Sagarmatha Oxygen, Patan
58 Gautam buddha cardic hospital 30 Sagarmatha Oxygen, Patan
59 Everest Hospital 50 Sagarmatha Oxygen, Patan
60 Swacon Hospital 10 Sagarmatha Oxygen, Patan
61 HAMS Hospital 200 Sagarmatha Oxygen, Patan
62 B&B Hospital, Gwarko, Lalitpur 60 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
63 Nepal orthopedics Hospital 10 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
64 Shankarapur Hospital and Academy, Jorpati-4 Khatmandu 10 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
65 Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Memorial Hospital, Gaushala, Kathmandu 65 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
66 Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious disease,Teku 150 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
67 Nepal Police Hospital ,Naksal 200 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
68 Karuna hospital 75 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
69 kirtipur hospital phect 50 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
70 Paropakar Prasuti Griha Thapathali 75 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
71 Khangri international hospital 40 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
72 Nepal bharat matri hospital 40 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
73 Sahid gangalal hospital 150 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
74 Medicare Hospital 20 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
75 Manmohan teaching hospital swoyanbhu 100 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
76 Helping Hands C.Hospital 75 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
77 Radhaswami Satsang Byas 45 Shankar Oxygen, Balaju
78 Trauma Center, Bir Hospital 200 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
79 Global Hospital 10 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
80 National Cancer Hospital 10 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
81 Manmohan Memorial Hospital, Pharping 10 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
82 OM Samaj Hospital, Kalanki, Kathmandu 15 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
83 Kathmandu Cancer Center 10 Shankar oxygen, Balaju
84 Kathmandu Medical college 250 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
85 Norvic international hospital 200 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
86 KIST Hospital 100 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
87 Novel Hospital sinamangal 30 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
88 Vayodha hospital 80 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
89 Chalnakhel PHC 50 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
90 Venous hospital 40 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
91 Greencity Hospital, Dhapasi Kathmandu 250 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
92 Sahid memorial hospital 60 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
93 Metro Hospital 30 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
94 Ananda ban Hospital 10 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
95 Nepal Cancer Hospital 20 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
96 Laligurans Hospital 10 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
97 Purna Jeevan Hospital 10 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
98 Midat Hospital 10 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
99 Care and care Hospital 10 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
100 Bajrabarahi Chapagaun Hospital 10 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
101 Bhatedada Hospital 10 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
102 Manikhel Hospital 10 Sita Product, Chalnakhel, Lalitpur
103 Summit Hospital, kathamandu 50 Sopan Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
104 Star Hospital, Lalitpur 200 Sopan Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
105 Nepal medical collages 250 Sopan Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
106 Naradevi Hospital 10 Sopan Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
107 Mental Hospital 30 Sopan Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
108 Chapagaun Hospital 30 Sopan Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
109 Bhaktapur Municiplaitly Hospital 80 Sopan Oxygen Pvt.Ltd
110 Sarwang hospita kupandol 30 Sopan Oxygen, Lubhu
111 Nepal Mediciti Hospital 300 Sopan Oxygen, Lubhu 7473
Note: Any additional supply more than the afore mentioned quantity shall be done only on the basis of additional order by CCMC
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