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Immigration Minister Canadaly hints at reducing the number of foreign students.

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Mark Miller, has announced plans to limit the number of foreign students entering the country. The number of foreign students enrolled in Canada increased by over 193% between 2012 and 2022. This has led to housing and employment issues, with housing rents increasing by 22% in the last two years due to […]

The issue of ‘Animals’ was raised in the Indian Parliament, and MPs objected to the portrayal of violence.

Kathmandu. Public opinion is divided about the Hindi film ‘Animal’ directed by Sandeep Reddy Bhanga. On the one hand, it is making a bang at the box office; on the other hand, it has been criticized for glorifying ‘toxic masculinity’. This controversy has also entered the Parliament of India. In Thursday’s Rajya Sabha meeting, the […]

253 Nepalis returned from Israel in this way

253 Nepali students from war-torn Israel have returned to their country via the Nepal Air Service Corporation’s NineN-ALZ Airbus 330 aircraft. The students were stranded in Israel after an attack by the Hamas group in the southern region, bordering Gaza. Ten Nepalese students were killed and one student remains missing. They were rescued four days […]

Prohibition of men and women sitting in the same vehicle

Indonesia. Authorities in Indonesia’s ultra-conservative Aceh province have issued an order banning people of the opposite sex from riding in the same vehicle. Men and women without family ties, and especially those of the opposite sex who are not married, have been ordered to sit separately in vehicles and public places. The local government said […]

The time to register phones in the MDMS system mid-August

Kathmandu. The government has extended the time to register mobile phones in the Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) till mid-August. According to the Ministry of Finance, it has been decided to extend the deadline given by the Economic Act 2080 by one month to middle of August. Nepal Telecommunication Authority has implemented such a system. […]

Stealing bank account funds by asking for OTP code

Gorkha. At four o’clock in the afternoon on Sunday, he received a call on his mobile from a new number. She picked up the phone. The person who called said, ‘I am speaking from NMB Bank, your account is old and needs to be renewed, please tell me the account number.’ The woman from Patechaur, […]

Europe’s 11 Resignation Cases: From Sex, Theft to Lying

Kathmandu. Norway’s left-wing leader Bjönar Moks could hardly have imagined that he would have to resign from a high position because of a pair of glasses. He had to resign as party leader after he was caught on camera stealing expensive glasses from a shop inside the Oslo airport. “Many people question me for doing […]

Seven types of relationships: some are responsible, some are arrogant

Seven types of couples: some are mature, some are pretentious Every person has different interests, behaviors and characteristics. The same applies to couples. Some are very romantic and some are skeptical. Some take care of each other very much, while others enjoy their own world. There are many other characteristics and characteristics of the couple. […]

Murrah buffalo from India, grass from America and Australia

Nuwakot. Lately, the issue of Murra buffalo has started to gain a place in the Nepali media. On the occasion of Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s official visit to India in the second week of last May, the issue of India providing 15 Murra Rangos to Nepal gained importance. This topic was also discussed in […]

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