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Kathmandu. Chairman of the CPN (Unified Socialist) Madhav Kumar Nepal has suggested that the leaders and workers be aware of many conspiracies trying to break the current alliance by saying that the Congress is the wandering class enemy.
In the program on Socialism Debate and Struggle organized by Socialism Study Center Nepal on Saturday in Kathmandu, he opined that since behavior and theory are not as expected, we should proceed by understanding the needs, ground, and reality of the country.
President Nepal said that the only way to guide the Communists, who are immersed in the extreme left and right wings, on the right path is scientific socialism. Mentioning the fact that the Communist Party has emerged as a popular party in Nepal while the Communist Party is in decline around the world, he also said that if individualistic tendencies and distortions cannot be eradicated in time, many challenges will have to be faced.
The former Prime Minister of Nepal said, “Socialism is a system for the benefit and welfare of the people; politics should be turned from the people to the people; we should connect with the pain and suffering of the people; the future of the Communist Party in Nepal is bright.”
Pampha Bhusal, the leader of the CPN (Maoist Centre), said that the Communist Party in Nepal is moving in the right direction. She opined that there is a need to move towards the goal of achieving socialism by forming one strong communist party, as there are demands from the country.
“Socialism is currently on the defensive; the direction of action of all parties is moving towards socialism. “Socialism cannot be achieved without one strong communist party,” she said.

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