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Kathmandu. Dr. Ghanshyam Gyawali, Nepali youth professor at Daegu University in South Korea has received the International Young Scientist Award.

It was decided to give the title of International Young Scientist to Gyawali during the selection of young scientists and researchers in Singapore. Gyawali, who went to South Korea for employment through the employment permit system in 2012, changed his visa and started studying from 2017.

Gyawali of Gulmi, who graduated in physics, went to Korea for employment while working as a teacher in Nepal. “After a long struggle, in 2017, I was able to get a full scholarship at Daegu University in the city of South East,” Gyawali said. He said that the passion he had until completing his VSC in Nepal and the dream he had been seeing since then came back to study.

Gyawali began his student life at the University of Daegu in physics at the Materials Science and Energy Engineering lab. He graduated in 2019. Completed level studies.

In the same university, he was involved in the study, search and research work on “renewable energy sources, its production, modification and storage and use”. He completed his PhD last year after publishing research articles in national and international journals.

Working as a post-doctoral senior researcher in the same university, he has recently become a research professor.

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