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Kathmandu. The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority has suggested that all three levels of political officials should not appoint unnecessary advisers to provide service facilities from state funds. Through its 33rd annual report, the Authority has asked the officials who have taken political appointments and won the elections not to have arbitrary advisers.

The authority has also directed the government to enter into service contracts only on the basis of needs in public bodies and to regularly monitor whether the employees are working in accordance with the clear job descriptions. It has been suggested not to hire employees without approved posts and to enter into a service contract with clear criteria regarding the service conditions of contract employees.

The service operating body has the authority to develop and implement a predictable posting and transfer system, not to transfer employees without completing the period specified by the Civil Service Act, to recommend departmental action to the officials who make random transfers, and to arrange for the collection of additional expenses incurred by the state from the transferring officials. There is a suggestion.

The report also states that since there is a trend of irregularities in the transfer and posting of employees, for the regular filling of vacant positions and an orderly transfer system, fair and predictable filling and transfer standards and systems should be approved and implemented immediately in accordance with the needs of the service.

The commission also suggests canceling the posts that are being filled by contract, but the justification has not been established after a survey of the organization and management.

It is also said to encourage service contracts in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and regulations, while discouraging the act of keeping people on contracts or wages only in cases where permanent posts are insufficient and temporary or contract posts are approved.

The authority suggests that when a person or organization is hired on a contract or wage basis, the amount or minimum wage as mentioned in the contract or the contract must be provided, and the newly entrant employees should be given a mandatory orientation about their job responsibilities and actions.

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