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Siraha: The physical structure of the maternity hospital located in Golbazar Municipality-6 of Siraha has become dilapidated. The zinc sheets of the roof have been eaten by rust, and there are holes in places. There is a valley of Banmara around. Health workers are forced to give birth in heavy mud in the rain and dust in the winter.
According to senior Anami Mishrikumari Shrestha, who works here, water leaks and drops of water fall on pregnant women and newborn babies. “In Baisakh is sunny and scorching hot. Ginger leaves are heated. As there is a road nearby, suffocating dust rises during the winter when the vehicles move,” she said. “Mothers and newborns cannot be kept inside.”
Venomous snakes come inland during the summer and rain. Health workers are careful to drive away snakes with sticks. Shrestha said that even though Golbazar municipality has been repeatedly requested to upgrade the level, it has not been resolved.
Senior Anami Inspector Savita Shakya Panjiar said that they were forced to serve from a building that had been in a dilapidated state for years. She has been working here since 2063. “A small alternative terrace of the maternity home was also demolished due to the expansion of Lok Marg. After that, we have to take out the bed and put it in the cot,” she said. “Even if it is cold in the rain and cold in the winter, the pregnant mother should be put to sleep in this bed.”
Satyanarayan Yadav, Head of Golbazar Health Post, complained that no progress has been made despite efforts to improve the physical structure of the dilapidated maternity hospital and transfer it to a place with facilities. “Even the main floor of the maternity home is very narrow. The door to the room is narrow.
“Two health workers and one mother suffering from labor pains find it difficult to return,” he said. No exit. Waste water should be taken inside. We have repeatedly drawn the attention of the relevant agencies. But there is no improvement.”
The maternity center should be open 24 hours a day, but there is no place for the health workers to stay. “Ultrasound” is done on the bed where the baby is sleeping. Health workers stay in camps during the night. When the delivery mother comes, the client has to go to the camp to call the health workers. There is no alternative means of lighting when the lights go out in the maternity hospital. Sometimes you have to give birth by lighting a torch.
Local Rajdesh Shah said that this type of problem is a matter of shame at the place where Rajdev Shah delivers. “This is the state of maternity services. This is playing with people’s health to an extent,” he said. “The municipality should pay attention to it immediately.”
Now we have to go 20 km east to Lahan to get maternity services from the local goal market. There are no MBBS doctors in Golbazar Municipality, which has a population of over 60,000.

Recently, the Department of Health Services provided the maternity hospital with an ultrasound machine. It is also damaged without operation. Anami inspector Shakya said, “I came with training. But the machine is broken. How do I work? I have informed the municipality. So far, no care has been taken.”
According to local 75-year-old Uddhav Bahadur Adhikari, this tower was built by the then-road department to house security personnel. The road department vacated and cleared the empty terrace and built a maternity home in the condition of that time. “30 years have passed, but the maternity home has not been renovated,” he said. “Maternity services are being conducted in a shed like a goat shed.”
Sridhar KC, chief administrative officer of Golbazar Municipality, said that the maintenance of the maternity home could not be done due to the land dispute. According to him, the municipality has started the process of transferring the maternity home to another place.
Established in 2050, this maternity hospital is under Golbazar Health Chowki. It has been providing health check-ups to 150 pregnant women and maternity services to 25 to 30 people per month.
74-year-old Ramji Yadav, who took the initiative to establish the maternity home, said that he was worried about the condition of the maternity home. She said, “As we established 30 years ago, It is the same today. There will be no improvement. It is very painful to see this situation.”

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