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Pyongyang. North Korea has warned South Korea to send troops to the neutral zone DMJ.
North Korea has threatened to send troops to the demilitarized zone DMJ as North Korean activity escalates from South Korean soil.

Meanwhile, the North has said its troops are ready to move to neutral territory. While North Korea has said it will send troops to the DMJ, South Korea has said it needs to resolve the issue through talks.
On Monday, Southern President Moon Jae-in said there was no alternative to talks. The BBC reports that South Korea is monitoring the north with US troops after the North said it would increase military activity on the border.
The issue has become a global concern after North Korea warned it would send troops to neutral territory.
Stating that anti-North activities have increased on the South Korean border, the North has closed all contacts with the South.

Millions of balloons and leaflets have been flown across the border in protest of the North Korean government. Agency

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