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News of Global मंगलबार, आषाढ २६, २०८०

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayankaji Shrestha has asked the innocent people not to be afraid while the action against those involved in the case of fake refugees and embezzlement of land of Lalita Niwas is going on.
But Home Minister Shrestha has also expressed the commitment that convicts and criminals will not be exempted under any circumstances. He also warned that the law should not be different for the rich and the poor.

Home Minister Shrestha has said through social media, “There is no need to spare anyone who is innocent except those involved in fraud, corruption, organized crime and treason for their personal gain against the interests of the country and the people by breaking the law”.
He further wrote, ‘And there cannot be separate laws for the rich and the poor, the rich and the poor. Don’t expect that.’

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