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Kathmandu. Rudra Bahadur Shrestha, the former director general of the Land Management Department, has been arrested in the Lalitanivas land case.

SSP Dinesh Acharya of the Nepal Police’s Central Investigation Department (CIB) informed me that the police arrested Shrestha from Kathmandu on Tuesday.
Shrestha was the director general of the land reform department in 2060. In the year 2060, it was decided to register some land at Lalita’s residence in the name of the Rana family. Shrestha has been accused of being involved in that work.

According to the recent decision, the government land was registered in the names of persons including Suvarna Shamsher, Suniti Rana, Shailaja Rana, Hatak Shamsher, Heman Shamsher, and Rukm Shamsher.
According to the investigation report, the then Director General Rudra Kumar Shrestha was involved in the decision process, as it appears that the Government of His Majesty has decided to give consent from the Department of Land Reforms and Management dated 2059/06/24 to transfer the land registered under the name of Samarjung Company to the name of a special person.

Four years ago, the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority launched a corruption case against him for 130 million and 23 lakh rupees.

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