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Shubha Shree बुधबार, साउन १०, २०८०

Kathmandu. Kathmandu Metropolitan City is going to build a park on the site where the building of Bhadrakumari Ghale Seva Sadan was demolished.

Rajunath Pandey, Chief of City Police Force of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, has conveyed the message that Kathmandu Metropolitan City Chief Balen Sah has prepared to build Bhadra Ghale Park at that location. After reaching Ghale’s residence, Pandey informed about the construction of the park.

On that occasion, Ghale responded that it would have been better if a person like the mayor had asked once before the demolition. However, he said that in the current situation of the country, which is riddled with corruption and disorder, there is a need for bright and young people like Balen. He informed that he is trying to hand over Bhadrakumari Ghale Seva Sadan to the Metropolitan Corporation.

On Wednesday 3rd of July, the Metropolitan Corporation demolished some structures for building unauthorized structures.

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