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Kathmandu. Norway’s left-wing leader Bjönar Moks could hardly have imagined that he would have to resign from a high position because of a pair of glasses. He had to resign as party leader after he was caught on camera stealing expensive glasses from a shop inside the Oslo airport. “Many people question me for doing such a stupid thing, but I can’t explain it to them adequately,” he wrote on Facebook.

He is only a representative. 11 leaders of Europe had to resign due to sexual theft and false statements. Resignation after watching obscene scenes in Parliament British Conservative Party MP Neil Parris was found watching porn videos in Parliament. This case was made public in 2022. Parish called it the Bahulthi moment. His explanation was that when he searched for tractor on Google, he found porn. Due to this case, he had to resign from the parliament.
Cigars and Private Ships Cases In 2010, there was an earthquake in Haiti. French Development Minister Alain Joynad announced aid to Haiti. To go to the donors’ conference in Martijic, he hired a private ship, the cost of which was 16,500 euros. He resigned after this case became a big news. Joynad was not the only one who squandered taxpayers’ money.

Minister Christine Blanc, who is in the government led by President Nicolas Sarkozy, also bought 12,000 euro Qbun cigars. He had to resign after it was found that the cigars were bought with government money. When asked about cigars, he says, “I smoked only 2 cigars every day.” I did not know who else smoked thousands of cigars worth 12,000 euros.

Hypocrisy in taxation Jerome Chozac was the Minister of Finance of France. He was very opposed to investing in tax haven countries. In the end, not only was he found to have opened a company there, but it was also revealed that he had evaded taxes.

In 2012, it came to light that he had kept money in a Swiss bank for 20 years. He was sentenced to two years in prison for money laundering and tax evasion after the Panama Papers published all the details. He resigned after this case. The obscene message case In 2020, there was an election for the post of mayor in Paris. To become a candidate from Republic N Mark, there was a lot of jingling within the party. Benjamin Grivaux, a supporter of Emmanuel Macron, was sure to get a ticket for the post of mayor.

But it turned out that he had sent graphic sexual messages to an unknown woman. He had to resign from the party if he could not be a candidate after the screenshot of the obscene messages containing sexual messages went viral.

Resignation after falling in love with a woman Austrian Vice Chancellor Heinz Christine Sturch arrived in Ibiza for a holiday. There he met a Russian woman. The woman told Storch that she was rich and wanted to invest in Austria. She offered to take a 50 percent stake in the Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung. She talked about spreading the agenda of Far Right Freedom Party.

He became so fond of her that he offered her a contract for public development in Austria. Much later, it came to light that the woman was not rich. After much discussion about this case, the Vice Chancellor replied that it happened when he was intoxicated. This case brought down the government.

Case of 25 naked men with drugs Joseph Szar was a high-level leader of the Hungarian party Fidesz. He was anti-sexual and gender minorities of conservative principles. In 2020, the police received information that a party was being held in violation of the lockdown in Brussels. The police found 25 naked men there, and each of them had drugs in their hands. Sajar resigned after this case.

Theft of sun cream Five years ago, Cristina Siphons was the regional head of Madrid. A video of him stealing anti-wrinkle cream was released. She said that this case was an involuntary error. The price of that cream was 40 euros. After paying the price, he was released by the security of the store. Siphons resigned after she was beaten up for stealing cream.

Theft of a sandwich Slovenian MP Darij Krajic stole a sandwich from a shop. In his explanation after this case became public, he said that he did it for the security check and social test of the shop. Although he later paid the price, he had to resign after being pressured to say that this work was unethical.

The Bullying Case at the European Commission In 1999, the European Commission was headed by Jacques Santer. The investigation report that found him guilty in the corruption case was published. In that report, a 140-page report was submitted to the commission, including allegations of corruption, nepotism, and

It was reported that the then French Prime Minister Edith Chrisson recruited many of her relatives for the commission. When it came to the report that he recruited his relative, who is also a dentist, to the commission for a large sum of money, all those in his commission, including Santar, resigned.

European Commission corruption case John Daly was the head of the European Commission’s Department of Health. In 2012, he tried to take 60 million euros from a tobacco company in Sweden. When the European IG tried to ban snus, the Swedish company was the hardest hit. He tried to take that amount, saying that he would stop the ban. He had to resign because of this case.

Resignation due to a love affair with the employee In 2013, the Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia, Petr Nikes, resigned. Chief Secretary Jana Ngayova had to resign after being found involved in corruption and abuse of power cases. Nagyova was accused of taking advantage of her secret service. Nagyova and Prime Minister Nekes had an affair. It was publicized that Negyogabha misused his power and deployed the military apparatus to spy on the real wife of Nekus.

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