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Kathmandu. Famous lyricist Lokraj Adhikari has been appointed as the brand ambassador for the Mero Reservation online market on behalf of Nepal. Mitralal Pardhe, the managing director of the company, has informed me that the famous song writer Adhikari has been appointed as the brand ambassador on behalf of Nepal for Mero Reservation, which is run by SMS Service for You Poland, which has its head office in Poland.

It is said that through this online service, which was started in collaboration with various companies and with Pardhe’s vision, you can reserve the service you need as per your wish. According to Managing Director Pardhe, you can reserve and take services such as transportation, hotels, restaurants, couriers, and shopping from airplane services.
Through this online platform operated by the said company, you can do your business with zero investment, and thousands of jobs will be created all over the world, according to my reservation. He also said that training will be given through freelancers.

According to the company, people from all over the world can operate an online shop through Mero Reservation. Currently, the company that started its service through the head office in Poland is, after a few months, preparing to start a more modified and detailed service in this regard from the office ofThe company also said that its offices will be expanded to different parts of the world and that its own official app is being developed. Songwriter Adhikari expressed his gratitude to the company for appointing the brand ambassador. Adhikari also wrote the promotional song for Mero Reservation.

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