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Kathmandu. In an event organized by the Literary Journalist Association, a discussion program was held today at Dalo Restaurant, Anamnagar, where writer Ratna Lakshmi Shrestha’s Chinta Aar Chaso’ anthology and ‘Swabhimanko Pichar’ poetry anthology were concluded.
In the event chaired by Radheshyam Lekali, President of the Literary Journalists Association, the speakers said that in addition to concern for the country and society, Ratna Lakshmi’s works also contain reflection and analysis.

Historian Prof. from the seat of the chief guest Dr. Surendra K. C. expressed his displeasure that we use the ideas expressed in the Gita only according to our needs and emphasized the need for a serious study of the entire Gita. He opined that in the works of Shrestha, a strong attack can be made against the existing distortions in society and the country.

Senior critic Pramod Pradhan said that in Shrestha’s concerns and interests, one can find deep thinking and deliberation on contemporary issues, and he mentioned that he was honest in his writing. Another critic, Dr. Govindamansingh Karki, discussed that the pictures of time and society are simply drawn in Shrestha’s poems along with thematic diversity. Initiator Dr. Geeta Sivakoti Kharel praised Shrestha’s struggle, his boundless desire for education, and his contribution to social service.

Commentator on the program, Dr. Shantimaya Giri, and writer Manjila Anil also discussed the characteristics found in the works of poet and writer Shrestha.

The secretary of the association, Nita Shrestha, gave a welcome speech in the program conducted by writer Shri Babu Karki. Poet Murari Sigdel recited a poem from his poem ‘Image of Self-Esteem.

Writer Ratnalakshmi Shrestha said that although she is not a poet, she took up the pen with the intention of removing the distortions and discrepancies seen in the country and society. He also informed me that he plans to publish two of his works this year. In the program, senior artist Madandas Shrestha, editor of the book Dr. Madhusudan Lamichhane, and Rajesh Shrestha also wished the writer.

Writer Ratna Lakshmi Shrestha was also felicitated in the program by garlanding her, a SAPS Swarna Mahotsav medal, and food. In the program, writers Kisjor Pahadi, Rajendra K. C., Geeta Mainali, Kamala Risal, Dr. Damodar Pudasaini, Hari Thapa, Mithu Thapa, Shankar Bharti, Dr. Bunu Dahal, Saraswati Gautam, and others were present.

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