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Kathmandu. A liaison office will be established in Kathmandu Metropolitan City for integrated infrastructure development and coordination between development partners.
This decision was taken after the metropolis discussed it with the heads and representatives of the infrastructure development partner office on Wednesday.
In the meeting, Balen Shah, the mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, said that when the offices that work on development work are in different places, they are arguing by showing that some work is the responsibility of another. Balen proposed that a coordination office be established in the metropolitan city, saying that despite repeated calls to the partner office to make the development work interrelated, there was no response.
After the representatives of all the offices meet in one place, the customer does not have to run from place to place with problems. The officers of this liaison office will work on the work of building infrastructure, repairing it, and avoiding gaps,” said Balen.
Kathmandu roads cannot be dug without permission.
In the meeting held on Wednesday, it was decided that the Metropolitan Corporation should establish a contact office, and the related office should bear the cost of the water and sewerage leakages.
It has been decided that no one can dig a road inside the metropolis without permission. Sewerage, telephone and electricity services, water distribution system—regardless of the area to be worked on, it is now necessary to obtain approval from the Metropolitan Corporation and the Road Digging Department owned by the Road Department to work on the road sections owned by the Metropolitan Corporation.
According to the Metropolitan Municipality, this decision has been taken because the potholes on the roads have been left unaddressed for a long time, no one is taking responsibility for them, the citizens are suffering because of this, and the process of infrastructure collapse is unstoppable.
Balen said in the meeting that the offices that are digging potholes in the road are Uptalya Water Supply Limited, the Electricity Authority’s underground cable network construction, riverside corridor construction, underpass operation, ring road improvement, and a telephone and internet service provider.

In the meeting, the heads of the Road Department, Valley Traffic Police Office, Transport Management Department, Directorate of Project Implementation under Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Limited, Kathmandu Valley Development Authority, Empowered Bagmati Civilization Integrated Development Committee, Nepal Electricity Authority, Telecommunication Authority, and Water and Sewerage Management Department were participants.

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