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Kathmandu. According to the armed police, 92 people died in Jajarkot alone in the earthquake that passed through the center of Jajarkot last night. Shailendra Thapa, DSP of the Armed Police, gave this information. Likewise, according to DSP Thapa, 36 people have died in West Rukum. DSP Thapa said that 128 people died in the earthquake until 7:15 AM in Jajarkot and West Rukum.

Similarly, 70 people were injured in Jajarkot and 85 people were injured in West Rukum due to the earthquake, according to the armed police. DSP Thapa says that the injured are being treated in various hospitals. The earthquake has also caused minor damage to Ashrim Gulm Jajarkot. From the same Gulm Jajarkot, under the command of Deputy Superintendent of Armed Police Bikas Thapa, 67 teams have been deployed for rescue.

On the other hand, DSP Thapa said that a team of 24 people under the command of Armed Police Inspector Jhakku Prasad Sharma from No. 47 Gulm West Rukum has been deployed for rescue in West Rukum. On the other hand, the armed police said that one person was injured in Rolpa when the house collapsed due to the earthquake.

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