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Kathmandu. A teleserial is going to be made again with the name ‘Sindoor’. Artist and producer Pragya Joshi is going to make a serial with the same name after 17 years.
An auspicious ceremony was held at the Bhadrakali temple on the Friday of the serial. Director’s Association president Janakdeep Parajuli directed the movie, which was directed by Rabindra Khadka, the former president of the Film Artists’ Association. Actress Pragya Joshi gave the best shot of the serial. Even before this, Pragya had made a serial called ‘Sindoor’.

Which was directed by Yogesh Ghimire. Binay Raj Paudel is going to direct the current Sindoor. Actress Pragya said that the serial ‘Sindoor’ will be produced on the subject of the current generation. She expressed her belief that she would get the same reaction from the audience as before.

Director Paudel said that producer Pragya’s directorial trust in me will not be broken. He recalled that he became an assistant director for the film ‘Sindoor’ 12 years ago and said that he is very happy to direct a serial called ‘Sindoor’ now. Paudel thanked Pragya for taking on the responsibility of director.

The teleserial produced under the banner of Pragya Films will feature Nabin Shrestha, Pragya Joshi, Laxmi Bhushal, Pradeepraj Giri, Ashmi Thapa, Dipendra Sonam, Sneha Paudel, Purnima GM, Tekendra Neupane, Pawan KC, and others. The teleserial has cinematography by Madan Kashyap Ghimire, lyrics by Lay Sangraula, and music by Samrat Thapa.

Actor Rabindra Khadka, director Janakdeep Parajuli, Ghanshyam Lamichhane, Rishi Lamichhane, Madhusudan Bhattarai, Sundar Shrestha, Pradeep Bhardwaj, President of the Film Journalists Association Samir Balami, Vice President Kuber Giri, General Secretary Raghunath Sapkota, and many others were present at the event. Director Poudel is also the author of the serial. Director Paudel said that the shooting of the teleserial will start next week.

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