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Kathmandu. The song ‘Choli Pherne Maya’ composed by folk singer Badri Pangeni and singer Shanti Bhandari has been released with a video. The music video was released during a special ceremony organized by National Folk Journalist Nepal in Kathmandu.

In the song, singer Pangeni and singer Shanti Bhandari have voices, lyrics, and music by Shiv Hamal, while Sudip Sagar has composed the music. Singer Pangeni and singer Bhandari have also acted in the video of the song, along with hero and model Pushpa Khadka. The video was shot by Arjun Tiwari and directed by Mausam Himali.

President of National Folk Journalist Nepal Chandramani Gautam chaired the event, and Prajwal Kumal, who is known as a street seeker, was the main guest of the event. Former President of National Folk Journalist Nepal Hari Ballav Nepal, lyricist Eknarayan Bhandari, director Baburaja KC ‘Ujwal’, and music producer Subas Regmi were special guests.

Similarly, Hari Dangi, Deputy Secretary General of the National Folk and Duet Song Academy of Nepal, and Devendra Chhetri, Treasurer of the Music Video Artists Association, took the seats as guests. Along with this, the team for the song was also adopted.

Shiva Hamal, the creator and music composer of the song, claimed that he brought the song after a lot of hard work. He said, “It is a matter of luck to be able to collaborate with the singer Shanti Bhandari, whom he considered his first ‘cross’ while he was involved in song music.”

He further said, It is a great pleasure to release the song written and filled with music among the personalities who have dedicated their lives to music.

Similarly, singer Badri Pangeni said that he brought ‘Choli Ferne Maya’ as a product of musical continuity. Instead of sharing the song because it is good, he asked to share it with the right feedback. He also said that this song was released with the help of the media to deal with the question of fans and journalists these days: ‘Where have you disappeared to?’

He further said, I have never disappeared, and I have not; it’s just that you have not been able to see or hear my creations that have been coming from time to time. I asked the media to protect this song from the question of ‘where did it go’ by asking all my fans and well-wishers.

The special guest and critic of the program, Subas Regmi, satirized that it was pretending to be a camera conference and not a ‘release program’ of the song. He satirized that he was an old man who grew up with the habit of listening, watching, and reading news, but these days YouTube has taken over all that. He congratulated and wished the ‘Choli Ferne Maya’ team, saying that both the audio and video of the song were excellent.

Similarly, another critic, Eknarayan Bhandari, also said that the music is according to the words of the song, and the words and music are judged by the voice of the singer. He said that as much as he listens to the audio of the song, he also watches the video.

Music video director Mausam Himali and model Pushpa Khadka also spoke at the event. They expressed their happiness that they could work with the best team.

Similarly, during the speech, Hari Ballav Nepal, the outgoing president of National Folk Journalist Nepal, congratulated the entire team of the song and wished success, saying that Badri Pangeni is an established name in itself. He also connected the past and present of Nepal as a national public media person. During the speech, special guest Baburaja KC ‘Ujwal’ also said that a good creation has been added in the field of music.

The chairman of the program, Chandramani Gautam, president of National Folk Journalist Nepal , expressed the belief that the contribution of singer Pangeni in the field of Nepali folk songs is unparalleled, and the current creation will also win the hearts of the audience and sources.

The program was conducted by Kamal Sargam, the secretary of National Public Broadcaster Nepal, and Sudarshan Acharya, senior vice president of National Public Broadcaster Nepal, gave a welcome speech.

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