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Kathmandu. Prime Minister Dahal, while inaugurating the 7th Running Shield Duet Song Competition organized by the National Folk and Duet Song Academy Nepal on Saturday at Charaundi in Dhading, said that folk songs are popular in all languages, castes, and regions. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has urged everyone to be aware of external encroachment and distortion in Nepali folk music. Prime Minister Dahal also urged that Nepali music should be serious about it as it has gone towards distortion.
Prime Minister Dahal mentioned that songs and music based on diverse originality have progressed very well and said, “The classical songs that have won the hearts of the audience are stuck in the minds, hearts, and tongues of Nepali people, but recently, national artists, who are famous for going ‘viral’ and increasing ‘views’, have become cultural There is a feeling that we are moving towards distortion; it is time for artists and the entire public to be aware of this.’
Saying that being ‘viral’ and being popular are not the same thing, Prime Minister Dahal mentioned that the meaning of ‘viral’ is not good because it means infectious spread. Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that folk songs are the common culture and property of all Nepalis.
Stating that there are complaints that some of the performances at public fairs are very vulgar and cannot be watched by family and friends together, Prime Minister Dahal urged the establishment and artists associated with them to discourage such activities.

“Folk literature has been expressed as the original tradition of the people for ages; folk song is the most successful genre as a major genre in folk literature,” Prime Minister Dahal said. “Folk song presents the overall aspects of Nepalese life.” He also said that the folk songs that have spread from Mechi to Mahakali in Nepal as well as outside Nepal are presented as the main theme of every culture, natural beauty, every incident of people’s lives, and all the experiences of happiness and sorrow.
Prime Minister Prachanda stressed the need to protect the originality of folk songs, which is an important pillar of the national identity of Nepal, a country rich in multi-ethnic, multilingual, and multicultural countries. 
“Each country has its own folk culture; it has a distinct identity and importance,” Prime Minister Dahal said. “Needs, geographical conditions, ethnic makeup, values, etc. determine the culture. Among the countries in the world with diverse cultures, Nepal is a country with ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity. There is strong integration and unity.’
The 7th Running Shield Duet Song Competition, under the chairmanship of the National Folk and Duet Song Academy of Nepal, Rita Thapa Magar, started on February 5th and will end on February 8th. Founder president Amar Birahi Gurung and former presidents Prajapati Parajuli, Durga Rayamajhi, Purushottam Neupane, Chandra Sharma, Badri Pangeni, and Ramesh BG were also honored at the opening ceremony of the competition.
Indreni Cultural Development Center is the main sponsor of this Running Shield Dohori song competition. The patrons of this competition are the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, the Government of Bagmati Province, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Cooperatives, and the Benighat Rorang Rural Municipality.
The first prize in the said competition is Rs. 3,00,000÷-, the second prize is Rs. 2,00,000÷-, the third prize is Rs. 1,00,000÷-, and a consolation prize of Rs. 50,000/- will be provided. Among the contestants, the best singer will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 25,000, while the best costume, the best new singer, and the best new singer will be awarded a cash sum of Rs. 15,000, said Rita Thapa, president of the foundation.

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