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The sudden suicide of famous Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has naturally affected not only India but also other countries. According to Indian media, artist Singh was found hanging in his own house in Mumbai on Sunday morning.

Nepali artists have also been saddened and affected by that unimaginable and unpleasant incident. Meanwhile, artist Deepak Raj Giri is very sad and has paid homage to artist Sushant Singh Rajput with a long message about suicide.

Artist Giri wrote on Facebook:

Today I am writing …
An immature student becomes depressed due to the burden of reading. He begins to see darkness all around. Eventually he decides to commit suicide, but his father saves him. He not only teaches his son the true meaning of life, but also teaches him to overcome the biggest obstacles with a smile and to struggle. This is the story of the Hindi movie ‘Chhichaure’.

Some time ago, I saw the character of the father of the same movie – Sushant Singh Rajput, who had given such a sweet message against suicide. Then I remembered an incident that was once told by one of my teachers. He was a well-known author (I forgot his name now) who wrote many books on suicide. He also encouraged many to believe that life is beautiful and that committing suicide is a sin. But in the end, the same writer chose the path of suicide. Today, I remembered the old thing that the Guru said again. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. The poison of despair that comes out of the struggle that one has to face every moment in the race of life is no less harmful than the black poison that comes out of the churning of the sea, and hard and courageous people like Mahadev, who has the ability to swallow that poison, are seldom found in this world.

There are many reasons behind suicide, now we are suffering from corona. How many will have financial problems in the current situation? Worry about the future. This may cause annoyance, how many studies have deteriorated. How many businesses have been quadrupled, how many plans have been ruined.
Playing with such things in mind can make the future look bleak. And we can slowly get into the pit of depression … what to do to avoid corana, sugar pressure, what to do to avoid HIV.

It is told and taught in many places. But now little attention has been paid to the dreaded disease of suicide, which has spread like an epidemic around the world … People who commit suicide do not immediately put on a rope.
He must have made some gestures.

He must have made some gestures. Close friends tell each other directly or indirectly that they are in pain. At such times, one should try to remind the other as much as possible – I am, let’s do something, let’s see, don’t worry, this is everyone’s problem, one day it will be fine … Can work

So let’s not stop encouraging each other at such times.
Let’s take care of our and our family’s mental health especially in this epidemic …
A heartfelt tribute to all the victims of suicide including Sushant Singh Rajput !!!


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