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Kathmandu. Radio and television stations that do not pay royalties will not be able to play the song. The meeting of the Music Composer Association of Nepal held on Friday has decided to call upon the radio and TV not to play the song, which does not pay the song’s royalty to the creator.
Informing about the decision after the meeting, Chetan Sapkota, president of the Music Composer Association of Nepal, said, “The meeting has decided to call radio and TV stations that do not pay royalty not to play the song.” If it is played, action will be taken using the rights provided by the law.
President Sapkota said, ‘Only those who paid royalties could play the song publicly. If the law is violated, we are ready to go to court. Meanwhile, the meeting also objected to the decision of the Radio Broadcasters Forum, Broadcasting Association of Nepal, and the Community Radio Broadcasting Association not to broadcast the music of composer Suresh Adhikari. President Sapkota also said that there was an agreement with the Music Composer Association of Nepal not to play on radio and TV until they received the royalty.
Music Composer Association of Nepal has also prepared to call the creators of all genres of music, including folk, pop, hip-hop, etc. All 1,800 creators involved in the royalty will be invited to play the song only after renewing the royalty. If not, the door to legal remedies is open,” said President Sapkota.
The three radio-affiliated bodies issued a joint statement on Thursday and decided that the composer Adhikari’s entire musical work cannot be broadcast on the radio because he abused him through Facebook. Musician Adhikari, who is also the president of the Royalty Collection Society, has requested to play the song only with the permission of the creator.

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