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Seven types of couples:
some are mature, some are pretentious
Every person has different interests, behaviors and characteristics. The same applies to couples. Some are very romantic and some are skeptical. Some take care of each other very much, while others enjoy their own world.

There are many other characteristics and characteristics of the couple.
A couple that cares for each other In such a couple, one of the husband and wife behaves like a parent. He takes care of all his needs. The husband wants his wife to take care of him like a mother. He wants to take care of all his needs. Sometimes the wife also has the same desire. She wants her husband to love her like a father. She wants him to protect and take care of her from every problem.

Mature couple
A mature couple is stable and dignified. They not only respect each other but also know how to give each other space and privacy. Such couples understand well all the good and bad things about their partner. They can also easily accept ups and downs in a relationship.

Ideal couple
An ideal couple takes care of each other’s every aspect and sets an example of an ideal couple in front of people. Such couples are so deeply in love with each other that their closeness arouses jealousy in the hearts of others. Such couples also praise their partner in every little thing.

Quarrelsome couple
Such couples fight even over small things. They show each other’s weaknesses and start quarreling over small things. Such couples lack maturity. They don’t care about their partner’s feelings. Such couples often fight over unnecessary things.

A pretend couple
Some couples are a bit ostentatious. Pretending to be very well-matched in front of others, pretending to be very much in love even on social media. Very fond of appearance. Such a couple tries to become an ideal couple for the society rather than for each other.

Pendulum couple
Sometimes such couples take care of each other, sometimes they ignore each other, i.e. like a pendulum. Their mood keeps changing, sometimes love, sometimes neglect. In such a couple, one partner takes care of the other a lot, while the other partner does not take care of him. Sometimes the second partner starts caring while the first partner ignores. They are in a dilemma about how their relationship is.

Suspicious couple
Some couples are also skeptical. They doubt everything about their partner. They don’t trust each other and my partner is not cheating on me.

To be an ideal couple one should pay attention to these things
To make your married life ideal and happy, you should remain as you are and accept your partner as he is. You should not want your partner to be like you because every person is different. A good relationship starts with acceptance. Couples should not try to change each other or expect perfection from each other. We should appreciate each other’s different personalities and enjoy the difference.

Partnership is important in a couple. Do not think that this is mine and this is yours. We should think that whatever we have belongs to both of us. Both should have equal rights in everything. It strengthens your bond.

The partner should be allowed to do what he likes. Do not stop. If the husband wants to party with his friends, he should be allowed to do so. Similarly, if the wife wants to go out with her friends, she should go. Don’t stop each other on small things.
We must understand the weaknesses and insecurities of the partner. What makes your partner angry quickly and what behavior of yours makes him feel insecure, in such a situation it is better not to do things and do things that make his partner sad. Many times people do these things with the intention of burning their partner for their own pleasure. They think that burning their partner will increase their love but this thinking is wrong. Doing this will hurt them, not love.

Put yourself in your partner’s place and think. When you have a dispute, argument or fight with your partner, don’t get angry because his response is completely right or wrong. In such a situation, you should always put yourself in each other’s place and think. If you were in your partner’s place, think about how you would have reacted and how you would have felt. It solves problems and mutual disputes to a great extent.

Surprise your partner from time to time. It is not necessary to give a surprise only on special occasions. The day when you give a surprise to your partner is special. Sometimes you can give gifts and sometimes you can do something special at home, which increases romance and makes both happy.
Adarsh ​​Pradhan, Psychologist and Counselor

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