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Kathmandu. Film director Nishanbabu Ghimire has participated in the ‘Focus 2023: Meet the Makers’ conference held in London with the aim of promoting Nepali films in the world market. This conference has been organized on December 5 and 6.

He had set up a stall there to give information about Nepali films. He said that foreign filmmakers came to the stall and were interested in filming in Nepal.

I had placed a banner of The Soul of the Himalayas in the stall. When I showed the Film Development Board’s Filming in Nepal book to the participants from other countries, they were impressed by the beauty of Nepal. Nishan said, “Filmmakers from some countries have said they are coming to Nepal to shoot documentaries.” In that stall, foreign filmmakers viewed Nepal’s filming locations and culture with photos, videos, films, music videos, and documentary clips.

The Nepali film industry is not weaker than other countries in the world market. He said that since Nepal has a favorable environment for shooting foreign films, I requested that foreign filmmakers come and shoot in Nepal. He expressed his opinion that it would be good for Nepal if an atmosphere of international film shooting could be created in Nepal.

After Nishan informed the board about the program before going to London, the board also supported his steps and achievements and provided some necessary documents for the stall. He, who is preparing to direct the film ‘Muna’ soon, said that after participating in the program, he got more help in the production and marketing of the film.

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