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Sabita Pokharel शुक्रबार, पौष २०, २०८०

Model Anita Giri is an emerging model in the Nepali glamor field. Anita, who came to the capital with the dream of becoming a model from Khotang, is currently busy with various programs, including music videos, fashion shows, and movies. Anita, who reluctantly entered the acting field, has now become a professional model. She is getting a good buzz in music video acting. His demand for music videos is increasing.
As in the Nepali film and modeling field, she has also been busy in movies recently. Within a short time of starting modeling, she has acted in four movies and dozens of music videos.
His first song video was ‘Vaiguni Ghe Theo Koke’, which was followed by acting and dancing from a young age. Since then, she has shown her skillful acting in more than a dozen song videos, like ‘Sajaye Tohin Maya’, ‘Lagan Juryo Gharbar Hoonlai’, ‘Timro Saath’, ‘Keir Naindaou’, and ‘Timilai Bhulna’.

Along with acting in music videos, she has won many awards. She has been continuously working in the field of art for the past 7 years. Anita, who has acted in many commercials such as Odinal, Dairymilk, Nepal Ice, etc., has also walked in about a dozen and a half fashion shows.
Anita, who has acted in dozens of music videos, is now preparing to show her acting skills on the big screen. She has been chosen by directors because of her determination in her actions, her hard work and dedication to acting, and her attractive personality.
Now she is preparing to move to the big screen and has made her debut with Vicky Maharjan’s movie ‘The Outer Layer’. Anita, who has been successful in garnering praise in music videos and fashion shows, will only be told in the future. However, she claims that she came to this field with full preparation.

She says that she is fully dedicated to the Bian area. Looking at the videos of him, it can be said that he has the talent to do justice to all kinds of roles. Proficient in acting and dancing, Anita has a beautiful face and an attractive body. Her toned body and beautiful face are her attractions.
She wants to establish herself in cinema and modeling by working hard and improving her acting and art. Seeing great potential in music videos, she said, ‘Now I will establish myself by making a career in movies and modeling, and by demonstrating my abilities in this field, I will make my own identity. He believes that if there is discipline and honesty towards work, one can survive in artistry.
She has acted as a judge in various competitions, such as the Mr. and Miss Chitwan and Suze Show competitions. She has received the Music Khabar Kala Samman, the RARA National Music Award, and other honors and letters of appreciation. In addition to acting in music videos and advertisements, she has been performing dances in various competitions and fairs.

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