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Kathmandu. Astrologer Navraj Bhatta (Bhatta Guru), known as a celebrity astrologer, has received the Gold Medal and the Excellency Award in India. Nepalese astrologer Bhatt Guru received a gold medal at the 31st Asian Astrologers Conference held at Jamshedpur under the state of Jharkhand, India, under the auspices of the Center of Astrological Study and Research for Public Welfare and the Asian Astrological Congress (1985) Headquarters in Dhaka, Astrological Research of the Krishnamurti Method, Agartala Tripura.

He was honored with a gold medal and a certificate at the event hosted by former Indian minister Alok Ranjan. Along with him, astrologer Padma Jha was given the Bhattotapal Award, and astrologer Kuber Dhanraj was given the Bhrigurishi Award.

Similarly, the Excellency Award was received at the Astrology Conference held in Kolkata, India. The Skavsa International Astrological Excellence Award 2024 was held at the Astrology Conference Kolkata, organized by South Kolkata Astrology and Vastu Science Academy. Jyotish Bhatta Guru succeeded in winning the award on behalf of Nepal in the conference where astrologers from different countries participated.

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