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Kathmandu. ‘Women’s Forum for Women ‘Nepal (WOFOWON), an organization working on the issue of workers in the entertainment and hospitality sectors, has now launched a cultural campaign. According to the platform, the entertainment and hospitality sectors are dance bars, double evenings, cabin restaurants, lunch houses, and spas. The songs are going to come in a series of themes based on the problems, activities, rumors, and realities in these five areas.

This is the first series to be made public. This series has been made the subject of the introduction of the workers of the entertainment and hospitality sectors, while the team of famous artists who have made a mark in the Lokdohori area has made the theme of the song alive. The song can be viewed through the official YouTube channel of ‘Women’s Forum for Women ‘Nepal (WOFOWON).

Srijana Pun, founder and executive director of ‘Women’s Forum for Women ‘Nepal, which launched the campaign with the aim of raising voice for the rights of workers in the entertainment sector and hospitality sector, informed. She expressed confidence that the effectiveness of Geet Sangeet will also be faster as it will reach the masses faster. Pun further said that there is also a ‘cultural campaign group’ under the Women’s Forum for Women Nepal.

The group consists of artists working in the entertainment sector. Through the creation and voice of the artist friends associated with our organization, we have continued the ‘cultural campaign’ to establish the entertainment sector as a violence-free, exploitation-free, safe, dignified, and orderly workplace, to establish the recognition identity of the workers, and to bring positive change in the attention of the concerned bodies and the way society views the entertainment sector. Our main goal is to call for the transformation of unequal thinking through a cultural campaign for the recognition, protection, and respect of labor.

Live duets are presented in the opening sequences. In the upcoming series, songs will be presented in other languages, including Ekal and folk songs. The themes of the song will include human rights, women’s rights, inequality, self-discrimination, labor exploitation and rights, and their health and education rights.

Actors Shyam Rana, Tara Thapa, Devi Ale, Ratna Shrestha, Sharmila BC. Tekraj Bhandari, Yashoda KC, Anjan Karki, Tank Reule, Dilu BC, Devi Kumari Basnet, Sagar BC, Shanti Gharti, Sima Thapa, and Ramila Budhamagar will sing. Famous artists from different parts of the world of the world will be present as guests to show solidarity with the cultural campaign. DB Khadka, Sabita Pokharel, and Barsha Luitel will research, plan, and coordinate the theme of the program.

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