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The weather in Elam keeps changing like a game of hide-and-seek. The sky opened in a moment, and the ground was covered by fog in a moment. Fortunately, we flew a drone from Jasbire that morning and took pictures of Maipokhari. At that time, the sun was shining, and the surrounding hills were visible.
After taking a few photos from the angle of the sky, our enthusiasm did not die. Tilpil, that huge reservoir in the middle of the hills, enchanted us. Dense forest around, and a calm pond in the middle. What kind of beautiful Maipokhari can make you hypnotize at a glance?

We wanted to meet the Kanchan of the lake and the sacred reservoir. From Jasbire, we climbed for 15 minutes and reached Maipokhari, where the weather had already ‘challenged’. Not much time had passed, but the sky over Maipokhari had become wet. The ground fog was spreading its empire.

There is a famous English saying, “Morning shows the day”. However, the sky of Elam would immediately reject this statement. In the morning, the sky opened with the sunrise. However, before some time passed, the sky was covered with fog.

There were signs of heavy rain, defying our forecast of sunny spells throughout the day. As Taranath Sharma, a writer in Elam, said, “Encountering nature is also the joy of life. Whenever the ground fog cleared, we used to capture the beauty of Maipokhari on camera.

Even though it was summer, entering the Maipokhari complex was like entering an air-conditioned room. The cold weather made us more nervous. We quickly entered the dense forest of Maipokhari.

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